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Breaking News!!!  The World Is In Turmoil!!!!
8-13-01 Pat Brosnan

Brandon had an idea...yes folks, you heard it here, his very own idea, thought up by himself......that is all.

The revolution has begun... and Ubergods.com is here too.
8-9-01 Pat Brosnan

Well, it's finally for real, ubergods.com is up. This site will be going through a lot of changes over the next few weeks/months/years/decades/centuries/millenniums... I think you get the point. Well, enjoy, and don't forget to sign up for Uncle Quinza's Mail Extravaganza.

Jewpsi, Jewmmy taste, less fat.
8-9-01 Micah Hintz

What else can I say? It's just uber. As uber as it comes. How much more uber could you possibly get? This is just the peak of uberness. You can't get any more uber for your money. This is the highest possible uber saturation that you will ever find. It's kinda like when you pop open a fresh can of Jewpsi and take a big long gulp. It's just that uber. If you don't believe me, try one for yourself! You'll notice the difference in the uber count. Pepsi just doesn't have the high levels of uberness that Jewpsi does. Take the Jewpsi challenge! Don't jack off with sandpaper, kids!

2001 Micah Hintz

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