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All Songs in MP3 Format  These are our OWN WORKS


"Ambient Shiznack" - Nossy - Download   *New*

"Vanish" - Forgot10 - Download  *New*

"Slap That Bass" - Nossy - Download

"Simply Uber" - By Nossy (Pat Brosnan), just a weird little groove that I really like - Download

"Fear and Loathing" - By Nossy (Pat Brosnan), if you've ever seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (one of the greatest movies ever) you might appreciate this little mix - Download

"2" - A song by Nossy (Pat Brosnan), just messin around with acid (the program, not the drug) and I made some pretty strange songs - Download

"The Crow" - Nossy, not related to the movie, download and you will understand - Download

"Machinations of the Human Mind" - Another song by Nossy (Pat Brosnan) - Download

"Techno Junky" - Nossy (feat Exempt) Cool....kinda trancelike, duno, decide for yourself - Download

"Hopscotch" - Nossy (feat Exempt) Gotta Get it, its all the rage.... - Download

"Doo Wop" - By Exempt (Pat Brosnan & Brandon Fieri) Its got a great surprise ending...- Download

"Yo Brotha Iz A Funky Chicken" - Song by Exempt (Pat Brosnan & Brandon Fieri), really funky and strange, sounds like a mix of soul and blues and.....just download and see - Download

2001 Micah Hintz

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