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Quentin's Crazy Adventures! Episode 01Quentin's Crazy Adventures! is a delightful flash (soon to be) series, which will take the viewer through the prairie of fun we call life. No, just kidding! The series is about a man named Quentin, who has a slight chemical imbalance, and an array of weapons. Enjoy.
-- By Micah Hintz
Punkboy 01Check out Punk boy. Man this is a classic. The first flash movie that was ever made by one of the ubergods.com crew. Punk boy follows the life of... err punk boy, and his adventures weeding out the posers.
-- By Patrick Brosnan
Nonsense Theater: JigAn epic movie about a lone man, lost in a raging hell of a world. He must figure out how to return to his home, to his wife and children.
-- By Willie Dubin
Nonsense Theater: Disco Fever.Yes, it's the sequel to Jig. It's back with better graphics, and a much more engaging storyline than the first. Will our hero ever find love? You'll have to watch.
-- By Willie Dubin
River (of blood) DanceA short animation testing the limits of Flash stick-figure technology. Ok, it sounds bad, but it will only take seconds to load, and what you will see is one of the best examples of stick figure fighting since NG's XIAO XIAO.
-- By Mike Cook
Nonsense Theater: MousetrapAnother classic story of the trials of a young... oh I can't do it anymore. This is just plain weird. Check this hilariously deranged monstrousity (I mean that with love) that will leave you with more questions than the ending to the new "Planet Of The Apes".
-- By Willie Dubin
Diary Of A Madman (Intro)Ok, it's just an introduction to a movie that will never be. But I like it, and if you're bored out of your mind then give this a shot. Includes music by MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE. Sorry, caps lock.
-- By Micah Hintz
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