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Ubergods.com is a website dedicated to all things uber. Ubergods was officially started on August 9th, 2001. Ubergods is a place for us to privately host our old geocities pages, without banner ads. It is also a place for us to express oursleves online. We try to give you a close, honest look into ourselves, while maintaining our entertainment value. We don't plan on becoming the biggest or most famous site on the internet. This site has been done many times before in many different ways, and our differences are subtle and few. What we do intend to do with ubergods, is whatever we want. That can change from one moment to the next. Basically, ubergods.com will just be as uber as we can make it. We would appreciate your ideas and opinions on ubergods, as it helps us to learn what you want.

2001 Ubergods.com

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