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Ubergods.com Disclaimer
Sorry, we didn't really mean it!
We get kind of carried away at ubergods.com. Sometimes we may write some things that could be considered "Politikally Inkorrekt" by the public. But let's face it, we're too wound up about 'obscenity' and 'race' that we sometimes do really stupid things. Examples of these stupid things are, suing ubergods.com, suing ubergods.com, and suing ubergods.com. Those are all bad ideas. If I were king, I would destroy all who would get uptight about someone calling them a *removed* or a *removed*. But this is the USA, and everything has to be 'fair' to the point of extreme idiocy. Anyway, if you should come in contact with something that you find offensive, and you're planning to sue or hack us, don't. It's a waste of time. Besides, when it all comes down to it, can't we just be friends? I want to be your friend. :)

Ok, well we would just like you to consider this final thing. If something has pissed you off on Ubergods.com, then mail one of the crew, notifying us of the exact page and instance of the problem. We will then consider removing or replacing the selected phrase or words... but it had better be damn offensive. We're talking worse than Stileproject.com offensive.
Mail Patrick Brosnan
Mail Micah Hintz
Mail Uncle Quinza
Oh, but by all means, feel free to send us hate mail. We thrive on the stuff. It makes us feel so fucking terrible. When we feel bad, we get depressed. When we get depressed, we're very close to suicide. But depression also brings creativity. Loads of creativity. Nuff said.

2001 Ubergods.com

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